Things I Think About At Work  (or anyplace else)

3/26/06    Did you ever have a day when you had nothing to say?


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Why do they let you give $5 to the party of your choice on the Minnesota Tax Form?      -- and you can give as much as you want to wildlife that isn't supported by hunting licenses.?

Why would anyone prefer cold ketchup on hot meat?    Wouldn't that be like putting cold syrup on pancakes?     Why not use a frosted plate too?   Which, by the way, might be a good idea for Jell-O, salad or "cold slaw".

Wouldn't complaining about someone gossiping while they aren't present be considered gossip?

Have you ever thought about all the Kingdoms of God and how souls pass from one to the next?  People talk about seeing  a bright white light while traveling thru a tunnel when they've had a near death experience.  Does anyone recall any lights while passing thru the birth canal?   I'm not saying they are directly related, and to clarify, I'm also not saying that that is the point that a soul enters this world.  Could be another tube besides the birth canal after all.  hmmmmm

Ok now I'm puzzled.  They passed a law in Minnesota to create a hunting season on morning doves.  Now, I would guess, they will be supported with a share of the funds from hunting licenses sales instead of the non-game donations on the Income Tax form. They are now considered a Game Bird instead of a Song Bird.  Sounds like a promotion to me.   Does that mean that morning doves are the only ones receiving wage increases from the Minnesota Government??   Or would the intent to thin the dove population be considered another budget cut??   I don't know anyone that is going to rush right out and plan a big morning dove hunt.   hmmm...  Maybe I could moonlight as a morning dove guide.  Can we bait them?

It is better to look dumb and be smart than to look smart and be dumb.

Did you ever have a day when you said more than you thought you would and then wonder why?  And then think twice about it and be glad your not a politician?  And then wonder what the United States would be like without politicians only to realize we'd be Canadians.  And still have politicians.  And not even good ones!

I swear,  sometimes I think if you put three women together in the same room they would criticize a robin for wearing that silly reddish orange outfit again.

There's an old saying that goes  "Those that can, do, and those that can't, teach"   I think it's more appropriate to say, "If those that can do can't teach, THEY will become the weakest link."

Whenever you become comfortable with your life something will change.  You're not supposed to get comfortable with your life.  I remember once I felt completely satisfied with my life.  I got out of the mini-van and slipped, breaking my ankle in 3 places.