This page is a Tribute to all those brave animals who have paid the ultimate price to see the other side of the road.  Some lay by the side of the road as a monument onto themselves.  Some become part of the road, sending a piece of themselves along with every passing vehicle.  Yet others give themselves as an offering of food to all the roadside scavengers.   Judge for yourselves which is which.



A young lady informed me that due to the plumage and feather patterns this is a Great Horned Owl.  Although I don't  wish to argue and it could indeed be an owl, I question whether it's a Great Horned Owl.  If you have an opinion, please let me know!   We're going to just leave it an owl.  Thanks Redtailed Lady!!

Owl in Morning           Owl at late afternoon   

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Got any Ideas what this one is?  Email          a few days later          

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Have you ever had your butt chewed like this crow bait?

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Jack Rabbit