Here's a collection of pictures I took on a recent mushroom hunt.  We didn't get a lot but we did get a good meal.  We mixed them with asparagus and put them on the grill.  Awesome!







Dandilion.jpg (261929 bytes) Golden.jpg (164777 bytes) mushrm1.jpg (203020 bytes) mushrm2.jpg (272437 bytes) mushrm3.jpg (279769 bytes) mushrm4.jpg (180232 bytes) mushrm5.jpg (170631 bytes) mushroom.jpg (334551 bytes) TheCatch.jpg (150451 bytes) You'll notice on the last picture that we used plastic grocery bags to collect the mushrooms.  We have since heard and found at other sources that it is better to use a mesh bag as this allows the spore to be spread while you are hunting.  Makes sense to me and I encourage you all to follow that practice.